Coney – A Trip to Luna Park

 A Summary

Coney – A Summary

Beach landscape watercolor

The story takes place in the early 1900’s, in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Two young rabbits, an older sister and her younger brother have their world turned upside-down, when humans take over the dune world that they live in.

Playing in the sea

Things get really hard when a showman named Fred Thompson builds an amusement park directly on top of their home. He calls it Luna Park. And boy, is Sister Rabbit mad!

Cowering Rabbits

Beach wagon

But not everything is bad for Sister & Brother Rabbit.

At the shore they meet 2 human children, Millie and Alexander, who show kindness towards them by sharing some of their food.

It is a brief meeting, but they will meet again under very exciting circumstances!

Girls on Beach sketch

Eventually, Luna Park is built – and the Rabbits become brave enough to explore the new place for themselves.

They actually have a wonderful time exploring- and even encounter Fred Thompson again!

Luna Park night - closeup

But things get scary when they fall asleep on the Electric tower, high above the park.

Half asleep, they attempt to descend down the long ladder, but are frightened by a worker!

They fall down and are captured by the Police!

Up the Tower - storyboards

Down the Tower - storyboards

With some luck they escape from the Police, and scamper away into a large dark building.

Rabbits on the Run

They have stumbled on the famous ride designed by Fred Thompson himself – “A Trip to the Moon.”

Passengers would board a large airship that would flap its wings and take everyone to the Moon!

Smoke, large flapping wings and searchlights were all they could see. But they could see one more thing – the 2 children, Millie and Alexander waving to them from inside the Airship!

With all the courage they could muster, the 2 Rabbits leapt into the arms of the children.

And go on a ride they will never forget!

When they land on the surface of the moon, Millie and Alexander are greeted by Fred Thompson and his entourage. He demands to see the Rabbits hidden in Millie’s picnic basket.

Millie and Alexander defiantly refuse. When Fred convinces them that he will not harm the rabbits – that he actually LIKES them, the children give in and open the basket to reveal 2 very frightened looking rabbits!

So everything ends well for Millie, Alexander and Fred Thompson. And the Rabbits? Fred gives strict instructions to everyone who works for him NOT to hard the Rabbits under any circumstances. He even has a special entrance to their dune home built just for them. And above it a sign reads: “The Magic Starts Here!”

Magic Starts Here