A New Children’s Picture Book

Written and Illustrated by Jeffrey Lindberg

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Let’s take a trip back in time. Back to around 1904.

To Coney Island, Brooklyn, when it was mostly made up of sand, grassy little dunes… and rabbits.


This is a story of 2 rabbits…

Millie and Alexander - Main characters in a new upcoming book - "Coney - A Trip to Luna Park"

Millie and Alexander – Main characters in a new upcoming book – “Coney – A Trip to Luna Park”

… 2 Children from Manhattan…

Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson – Creator of Luna Park in 1904!

… and one creator of Luna Park!

The Main Story

In 1904, Fred Thompson, together with his partner Skip Dundee, built Luna Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn – an amusement park like no one had ever seen before.

Unfortunately for Sister & Brother Rabbit, Luna Park was built directly on their dune home near the ocean.

So were Sister and her little Brother going to take this from Fred Thompson, the King of Luna Park?

The answer of course, is no! Fortunately, they receive some much needed help from 2 children who befriend them, when they needed it the most.

 Fond Memories of Coney Island

If you have fond memories of Coney Island from the past, or even the Coney Island of today – I invite you to peruse this site.

I have been working for a number of years now on this story that takes place at a magical time in Coney Island. In the near future, I will be self publishing this story as a hard-cover children’s picture book, to be read and shared by adults and children of all ages.

In the meantime I will be sharing the story with new artwork as it is created so please visit my site as this story and book become a reality!